Oh My Yog!

Oh My Yog

This month Stonyfield offered everyone in their Clean Plate Club the opportunity to try their new line of yogurts. Since I really loved their last new product, Petite Cremes, I was eager to try this one, too. Being so new, these yogurts were tough to find but after some searching I brought home the Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Gingered Pear, and Wild Quebec Blueberry.

Unlike most yogurts that come pre-blended, the Oh My Yog! line is like fruit on the bottom with an extra kick. The pureed fruits and flavors are covered by whole milk yogurt and a noticeably thick cream top. In a world where Greek yogurt is the new norm, these are definitely lower on protein and higher in sugar, added and natural.

The first thing I noticed when I started trying them was that these didn’t feel like yogurts you’d have alongside breakfast or added to a lunchbox. The cream top and bottom layer of fruit had so many combined flavors and textures going on that it felt like a full-bodied meal compared to other varieties. Add some granola and fruit and you’re good to go.


My favorite of the ones I tried was the Madagascar Vanilla Bean. While it looks syrupy-sweet at first with the vanilla bean-speckled layer at the bottom, the yogurt was more rich than sugary and brought out the better flavors vanilla has to offer. It felt more like a creamy dessert like panna cotta than it did a yogurt.

The one flavor I wished was sweeter was the Wild Quebec Blueberry Oh My Yog!. It fell a little flat as is even with whole blueberries swimming around. Like the cinnamon-y Gingered Pear I had hoped for more sugar or spice.

Lastly, if you’re worried about your daily commute or trip to the store ruining the layers, don’t be. I was really surprised after all the tossing and turning in bags these had how well the yogurt held its shape. Getting a taste of Oh My Yog! definitely made me want to try the rest of their flavors and keep some of these around the house for a healthy cool and creamy fix.

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One Response to Oh My Yog!
  1. Liz S.
    April 29, 2015 | 10:48 am

    These sound great!