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5 Kitchen Rules I Break The Most

I’m not a rebel. I turn my papers in on time. I never borrow something without intending to bring it back. I would return rented movies back on time if anybody still rented movies nowadays. Still, there are just some rules in the kitchen I don’t care for. Of course I’ll change my ways when I step foot into a real restaurant kitchen. But you can bet on none of these happening when I’m at home.

May 9th 032

1. Wash your hands before starting cooking.

I’m sorry. If I’m cooking for other people or guests are over, sure I’ll wash my hands. But if it’s just me, myself, and I eating, I just don’t care. Hell, depending on the hour of the day I might not be wearing pants. Don’t drop by unannounced.

2. Always attend a heated oven.

Now, in my defense I’m always present and counted for when it comes to a stove top. But not an oven. I’ve even left the house at times with the oven going and no one home(don’t read that, mom). I have better things to do than stand by and watch a potato bake for 2 hours.

March 6th 035

3. Wash and peel your fruit and vegetables before eating.

If I don’t wash my hands, do you really think I’ll wash my vegetables? Besides, the skin is wear all the nutrients are. This has left for some unsavory moments, like biting into lettuce from the farmer’s market(which I did wash, just not thorough enough I guess) and chewing on dirt. They’re just extra B Vitamins.

April 9th 037

4. Bake with room temperature eggs.

Really? Does anyone remember to do this?

5. Always heat oil in a pan before adding anything else.

When you’re searing tuna or a steak this is a great idea to get a nice, browned outside and rare inside. But when you’re a veg-head sautéing chickpeas and vegetables, there’s not much you can do to ruin the dish. I usually don’t even thaw frozen veggies before putting them on the stone. Sue me.

So, now that some of you might never want to eat with me again, fess up: What kitchen rule do you break when no one’s looking?

Sunday Confessional 5

IMG_1333 (640x427)

I spent Saturday in Boston with three awesome bloggers and didn’t take a single picture. Oops. At least they were snap happy. Photo courtesy of Tina.

I think Boston is the best city in the world. Having worked there and gone to school there, I miss it all the time. Maybe it’s the people; maybe it’s the atmosphere; but probably it’s because it’s the only city I can use the public transportation in without getting lost… much.

vaseline800.jpg (174210 bytes)

As part of my marathon training, I ran/walked 20 miles in 3:30:17 and hated every minute of it. Countless times I thought of throwing in the towel until at mile 15 a crazy homeless woman named Mary told me to “use it or lose it.” So I kept on using it until I was done. Mary also offered me a cigarette; as generous as that was, I don’t think it’s part of my training plan.

At mile 5 I stopped right in the middle of the path, stripped off my running tights, threw back on my shorts and stuffed the tights in my pocket for the rest of the run. Runners. Yeah, we’re different.

February 23rd 058

The night after my long run, I ate my favorite dinner: Carbs with a side of potatoes. Again no picture because I was a bad blogger that day.

I also sat down with the last of the microwave fudge and ate it all from the pan. You’re allowed to do that on days you run 20 miles.


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December 18th 037

A week after I made a chocolate flourless cake, our guests brought over Godiva’s chocolate flourless cake. It was better than mine, and now I’m determined to bake a better one even if I clog all my arteries doing it.

I’ve never seen any of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. I don’t think this is a big deal but when I told my friends you’d have thought I told them I eat babies.

December 31st 043

I did not realize peppermint patties were my mother’s favorite candies when I made them. To be fair, I’m pretty sure she’s said the same about peanut M&M’s, Reeses, Whoppers, and Junior Mints. And I have, too.

I’ve started running again. I’m convinced I look excellent in my runner’s tights and want to wear them around even when I’m not running.

December 31st 054

I burnt this pan during my 2 hours of cooking these dumplings. But wait, I burnt it boiling water. I even own the cookbook How To Boil Water. Apparently, I need to go back and reread it.

I really wish my high school friends would join Twitter because Facebook stalking is so 2010.


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I find this cartoon hysterical, not as someone who’s always trying to get people to eat healthier but as someone who would eat meat and potatoes for every meal if I could.

I drink on average more coffee a day right now than I did for the whole month of August. If coffee is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I cried during the Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating People of 2010 when she listed the successes and salaries of the Jersey Shore cast. I just thought you should know that.

December 9th 065

I promised myself I wouldn’t bake when I should be studying for finals. I lied.

I went to the dining hall one night and ate a dinner of undercooked sweet potato, limpy asparagus, and uncooked tofu with vinegar, salt and pepper. It was disappointing, so I went home and made roasted kabocha squash with fresh chicken to eat an hour later. Much better.

I don’t drink, but if anyone wants to send me a recipe for dairy-free alcohol infused whipped cream we can change that.


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Nov 1st 054

I go through more chocolate a week than anyone I know. But I’m guessing you could have figured that out by now.

I don’t believe in food dye–not in the same way that I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy; kind of like how I don’t believe in Keanu Reeves as an actor.

Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream

(Pictured: Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream)

The average American has about 20 gallons of ice cream a year. I’ve only had ice cream on 2 different occasions over the past 2 months. I’m ashamed.

I wrote 7 different recipes in one of my classes on Monday. Oh, I also took notes, too. I think…

After covering 3 different foods in chocolate, I looked at an eggplant and wondered how that would taste in chocolate. That was the point I realized I  had a problem. I’ll be attending my first chocoholics anonymous meetings on Tuesday.

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Oct 22 068

I can’t eat bread, but I purposely extend my running route to run past this bakery just to smell the French baguettes hot from the oven. There’s no harm in smelling. 

Sometimes I’ll eat a meal out of a frying pan because I don’t want to dirty any dishes.

I often go to Starbucks everyday to work for hours without buying anything; who can afford a coffee habit like that?

October 18th 060

I made these shortbread cookies last weekend, and while they tasted great they came out flat. I’m working on trying again, but that’s a lot of butter to eat through first.

If you tell me you prefer white meat over dark meat, I’ll assume you’re lying.