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#NYCWFF 2013

Oct 20th 073

Oct 20th 016

Oct 20th 008

Oct 20th 051

Oct 20th 065

Oct 20th 039

Unpictured: Anne Burrell, Sunny Anderson, a stocked swag bag, a wine glass necklace, some Instagrams, a handshake with Justin Warner, a ton of sampling and 3 trips to Tito’s Vodka’s booth.

Thanks so much to Shelly and Erin and the Big G cereals team at General Mills for the invite and showing me around the festival! It was a great reminder of why I love food blogging and I can’t wait to get cooking with some unique ingredients.

Just Photos: Coffee


April 11th 006

Hazelnut Mocha Trail Mix Coffee Bag



Just Photos: Easter

Apr 2nd 003

Apr 2nd 023-2

Apr 2nd 005

Apr 2nd 017

Apr 2nd 008

Apr 2nd 014

Apr 2nd 018

Just Photos: Christmas Party

Dec. 22nd 020

Dec. 22nd 030

Dec. 22nd 066

Dec. 22nd 063

Dec. 22nd 041



Just Photos: Thanksgiving 2012

Nov. 22nd 021-2

Nov. 22nd 029-2

Nov. 22nd 063

Nov. 22nd 077

Nov. 22nd 087

Nov. 22nd 080

Just Photos: MixFest 2012

Mixfest 002

Mixfest 040

Mixfest 056

Mixfest 023

Mixfest 074

Mixfest 090

Just Photos: Wells, Maine

June 18th 010

July 16th 010-4

July 16th 028

July 16th 054

July 16th 080

June 23rd 004

Just Photos: Providence Water Fire

July 9th 007

July 9th 041

July 9th 059

July 9th 051

July 9th 066

July 9th 073

Just Photos: 4th of July

New folder6

july 5th 017

july 5th 036

july 5th 188

july 5th 150

july 5th 194

july 5th 286