4 Easy Nutella Recipes

I have two half-eaten jars of Nutella in my kitchen. I think I have a problem. (I need more Nutella.)

There’s a store near me that sells imported European jars for less than $4($3 each if you buy 3). At that price it’s hard not to turn into an addict. Not that Nutella on oatmeal or bagels could ever get old, but using it in recipes helps mix it up from time to time.

Here are 4 recipes that take about as much time to make as it does to eat an entire jar. Also, all of these recipes are 4 ingredients or less, so there’s no reason not to enjoy them all. Maybe even in one day.

Easy Nutella Brownies

Easy Nutella Brownies are exactly what they sound like. You can instantly make any brownie mix into Nutella brownies with just Nutella and eggs. There’s no reason to make any other kind.

Nutella Cheesecake Strawberries

Nutella Cheesecake Strawberries impressed everyone the last time I made them, which isn’t bad for something with just 4 ingredients. The hardest part is slicing and stuffing the strawberries, but it’s fine if you have a little patience.

Nutella Yogurt Dip

Nutella Yogurt Dip will make you feel a little better about eating Nutella by the spoonful. It’s just as tasty but a little more healthy. I like it with fruit and veggies but graham crackers and pretzel sticks work just as well.


Gluten-Free Nutella Cookies have been my afternoon snack since I made them. Since they’re crispy and chewy when they’re done I like to break them up and add it to yogurt. That practically makes them a health food, right? 

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One Response to 4 Easy Nutella Recipes
  1. Jesse
    February 21, 2014 | 10:41 am

    why have i never though to add nutella to brownies? genius.